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Water repellent finishes

Catomance Technologies Ltd develops and supplies several technologies for industrial applications, among which water repellent finishes. These finishes are used as showerproof, retexturing agents for laminated fabrics and surface treatment of a.o. timber. Since May 2011 the ISO-certified company is part of Murphy and Son Ltd. 

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Water repellent finishes (Mystolene)

Mystolene  is a water repellent finish where waxes and metallic salts are combined. Mystolene is used by paint manufacturers for showerproofing a wide range of products.

Mystolene PS is a white alkaline emulsion which is dispersible in hot water. It’s composed of paraffin wax, protein emulsifying agents and water, containing 40% of solvent extractable matter. The product is lubricant, raising assistant, wax finish and showerproof in conjunction with aluminium salts and can be applied in waxing, lubrication etc. and showerproofing of several products.

Mystolene SP90 is a pale yellow wax with a melting point of approximately 40o. The product is composed of wax/organo-titanium complex and is soluble in non-polar solvents such as hydrocarbon solvents. It is used as a showerproof, retexturing agent for laminated fabrics, surface treatment of paper, board, timber and many other materials. Mystolene SP90 is a useful extender for solvent based fluorocarbon finishes.

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