Rob and Tommie working hard during COVID-19 period

This week we’ve handed over presents to Rob en Tommie Den Hartigh to thank them for doing a great job in our logistic services. Rob and Tommie (father and son) are a great team. They are responsible for our warehouse and most of our logistics for more than a decade.   


During lock-down, many people have started painting their homes, which caused an increase in our Acti-Gel 208 sales. Acti-Gel 208 is highly efficient in stabilizing wallpaint without affecting the application properties. The Acti-Gel 208 pallets from the USA are repacked by Tommie and Rob for most of our European customers. That is a though job.


We are extremely happy that they managed to do all of this and all our other logistic services in time, even now when repacking-demand is increasing rapidly.  


Thank you Rob and Tommie!


Photo: Rob (left) and Tommie (right) with presents in front of pallets with Celatom filteraid in their warehouse.

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