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PVB dispersions

Shark Solutions in Belgium produces dispersions from recycled PVB resins. We offer the productline SharkBinder from this innovative supplier.

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Shark dispersions (SharkBinder)

PVB dispersions from 100% posts-consumer or post-industrial recycled polyvinylbutyral. Unique materials that enable you to formulate greener products with a considerable lower CO2 footprint! The PVB is recycled from foil in layered glass. In a unique process, the PVB is purified and further processed.

The solvent free PVB dispersions can be both used as ready to use stripcoatings or as coating for a.o. lumber, metals, concrete and leather.

They are also being used in primers for metals, waterproof coatings, and protective coatings.

SharkBinder is a water based dispersion designed as primer for flooring. By using this primer, the consumption of topcoat material, such as epoxy or polyurethane is reduces  by over 40%. It can also be used as dust binder on concrete surfaces.

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