As an agent/distribution firm, we're specialized in selling and distributing high quality and innovative raw materials through Europe in the following sectors:

We are also distributors for activated carbon and filter aids in the following areas:

Highlights from our portfolio are: 

Acti-Gel 208® A unique magnesium aluminum silicate offering a combination of excellent stability and workability for many water based products.
Min-U-Gel® Stable, reliable and low-cost gelling grade attapulgites in powdered form, used as thickener in various applications.
DynoAdd Additives used for industrial coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings and the printing/inks industry.
Celatom® A versatile mineral used in filtration applications as well as in paint. The grades are based on sweet water diatoms resulting in very pure products.
Hollow Glass Spheres Strong and very small hollow glass spheres, ranging from average 9-13 microns till 40-60 microns. Suitable for water-based and solvent-based systems.
Cenospheres Light weight fillers for construction products.
K-White® K-White® products are environmentally friendly, anti-corrosive pigments. These are suitable for solvent and water based coatings
Silica High Purity Crystalline Silica

Our wide variety of products contains:

Water repellent finishes

  • Water repellent finishes (Mystolene)

Epoxy resins and hardeners

  • Epoxy resins
  • Epoxy hardeners

Anti-corrosive pigments

  • Aluminium Triphosphate (K-White®)

Activated carbon

  • Activated Carbon (Carbopal®, Desorex®, Hydraffin®)

High Purity Crystalline Silica

  • High purity silica (SIL-CO-SIL®, MIN-U-SIL®)

Kieselguhr fillers

Celatom diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) grades as functional fillers for coatings, paper and plastics

  • Kieselguhr / Perlite (Celatom®)

Additives for elimination of mercury

Precipan ® polysulfide and sulfoxide solutions for the reduction of mercury emissions   


  • UV Absorbers & HALS (KingSorb®)
  • Talc (Magsil®)
  • Barite (Supreme®, Microsupreme®, Ambar® and Sintabar®)
  • Antioxidant Additives (KingFos® and KingNox®)

Inorganic thickeners

  • Attapulgite clay (Min-U-Gel®)
  • Magnesium aluminium silicate (Acti-Gel 208®, Cimgel 2080®)

Glass spheres

  • Hollow glass spheres
  • Hollow ceramic spheres
  • Hollow ceramic spheres (Cenospheres)

Defoamers & Flow and leveling

  • Additives for industrial coatings (Dynoadd)
  • Additives for Wood Coatings (Dynoadd)
  • Additives for Printing Inks (Dynoadd)
  • Additives for Automotive coatings (Dynoadd)

Filter aids and fillers

  • Diatomaceaus earth for filtration (Celatom MN)
  • Diatomaceaus earth for fillers (Celatom)
  • Perlite (Celatom Perlite)

Lightweight and specialty fillers

  • Hollow ceramic spheres
  • Hollow ceramic spheres (Cenospheres)
  • Glass bubbles (Omega Bubbles)
  • Wollastonite

Precipitated coated calcium carbonates

  • Precipitated coated calcium carbonates (Neolight)

Natural fibres

  • Recycled bamboo (FABAM)
  • Wood Fibres
  • Fresh Bamboo
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