Faber&VanderEnde BV offers a divers range of products on behalf of the following partners.

Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd

Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 1972, is one of the largest epoxy resins and hardeners producers. With manufacturing plants in China and Korea this ISO-certified company also produces thermosetting resins, inorganic chemicals, polyols and polyureas. The company has storage facilities in Europe.

Faber&VanderEndE BV represents Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd in Switzerland.


Lehmann&Voss&Co. is a German company which has been offering chemical and mineral specialities since 1894. 

At Faber&VanderEnde BV we represent Lehmann&Voss&Co. with a complete range of hollow ceramic spheresglass bubbles and wollastonite.

Tayca Corporation

Tayca Corporation, founded in 1919, has been working for many years in the research and development of specialized Aluminiumtriphosphate materials. Their K-White® range of products are based on the unique properties and chemistry of Aluminium Triphosphate and this technology has been pioneered by Tayca Corporation throughout the world. The K-Bond® products are suitable for curing water glass.

At Faber&VanderEnde BV we represent Tayca with several K-white grades and K-Bond products.

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