New marketing campagne Active Minerals Int.

Active Minerals Int., world leader in attapulgite production, announced the start of a new marketing campaign focused on attapulgite. Faber&VanderEnde BV represents Active Minerals in greater Europe since the year 2000.

As the world’s largest producer of gellant grade attapulgite, Active Minerals Int. has continually invested in reserves, reclamation, production capabilities and new innovative products. The company produces high-quality attapulgite products at their own production facility in Florida. Their products are used as a thixotropic thickener, anti-settling agent, syneresis control, rheology modifier and binder in a wide variety of applications. For over 50 years the company has a proven record on shipping high quality attapulgite products on-time and in-spec.

Faber&VanderEnde BV represents Active Minerals Int. with both their Min-U-Gel® as Acti-Gel 208® productlines.

Min-U-Gel® products are gelling grade attapulgites in powdered form, used as thickener in a.o. waterbased coatings and adhesives, plasters and joint compounds and bitumen based products. They are populair because of their low costs, stable and reliable results and strong thixotropic flow.

Acti-Gel 208® is a unique magnesium aluminium silicate offering a combination of excellent stability and workability for many water based products. Applications can include self-levelling products, ceramic glazes, paint and cement and gypsum based plasters. The products is also used as a unique binder for powders in many applications, including catalysts, ceramics and activated carbon. Acti-Gel 208® is rewarded for offering excellent stability and strong reduction of rebound in shotcrete.

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