New Fillers, Plastic Additives and Emulsion Polymers offered to you by Faber&Vanderende B.V Europe

At Faber&VanderEnde we continue to expand our product portfolio, following the announcement to become part of the RBH Group earlier this year.


Richard Baker Harrison Ltd (The RBH Group) is a UK based chemical distributor. The group are a leading chemical supplier of specialty functional minerals and additives. They have a strong product portfolio for the polymer, surface coatings and other related industries.

This portfolio of high performance materials includes talc, barytes, calcined clay, polymer dispersions, alumina trihydrate, antioxidants and light stabilizers. These products have gained high levels of success for RBH within the UK's coatings and thermoplastics markets. Now these products will be available to existing and new Faber&VanderEnde customers.



Faber&VanderEnde now offer a variety of grades of Magsil® talc that are characterised by their consistent high purity and whiteness. This silicate mineral is key within the coatings and thermoplastics markets. Talc provides properties like easy dispersion, titanium dioxide extension for paints, improved polymer rigidity and improved plastic heat distortion temperatures.



The Sintabar®, Supreme®, Microsupreme® and AmBar® products are characterised by their high purity, high specific gravity and inert nature. We now offer a wide portfolio of precipitated, natural white and natural off-white barium sulphate grades. Within plastics these high-quality products promote properties such as excellent impact strength, adding outstanding colour and surface finish. For coatings these products are excellent pigment extenders, functional fillers and improve durability, strength and rheology.


Calcined Clay

HIMATEX® products are high whiteness calcined kaolins produced by high temperature treatment of premium quality kaolin. The calcination process develops a micro porous surface, which enhances light scattering and improves the optical properties of the finished product. These calcined kaolins improve the opacity, dry hiding and are often used in matt emulsion paints for the decorative coatings industry.


Aluminium Hydroxide

We now offer a range coarse, fine and precipitated grades of aluminium hydroxides alumina trihydrate that are high in whiteness and purity. ATH is the most widely used halogen-free flame retardant mineral worldwide. This is a result of the materials endothermic decomposition at high temperatures. ATH is ideal for achieving high loadings with limited affect on viscosity due to low oil and resin demand.


Light Stabiliser Plastic Additives

Our principal KingYorker Enterprises Ltd supplies and produces a wide range of antidegradants for polymer protection solutions. These polymer additives are effective throughout polymer production, processing and service life. The KingSorb® range offers a series of HALS and UV absorbers, which absorb and dissipate UV rays or scavenge radicals. As a result reducing the rate of plastic degradation.


Antioxidant Plastic Additives

The KingFos® and KingNox® antioxidant additive ranges from KingYorker Enterprises Ltd, protect against processing and environmental degradation. These highly effective additives inhibit oxidation through scavenging radicals (primary antioxidant) or by reacting and removing hyperoxides (secondary antioxidant).


Emulsion Polymers

The Emupol® range are high quality, water-based polymer dispersions and emulsions. These products are suitable for various sectors including adhesives, sealants, construction, coatings and agriculture. Some polymer types available within the Emupol range include acrylic, styrene acrylic, PVA, SBR, VA/VeoVa and VA Acrylates. 


We hold stock of all raw materials within our various European warehouses. The product and grade of choice is determined by your requirements. For more information, get in touch with our experts.


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