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Glass spheres

Potters Europe is the European division of Potters Industries Inc., the largest producer of glass microspheres in the world, with a global network of 23 production plants throughout Europe, North and South America and Australia. They serve highway safety, polymer additive, fine abrasive, and conductive product markets. The company is ISO certified.

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Hollow glass spheres (Sphericel®, Q-Cel®)

We represent Potters with both Sphericel® and Q-Cel® glass spheres.

The Sphericel® and Q-Cel® hollow glass spheres range of products are strong and very small hollow glass spheres, ranging from average 9-13 micron till 40-60 microns. The Sphericel products are suitable for water based and solvent based systems. Q-Cel is suitable for solvent born and solvent free based systems.

Typical applications of are Sphericel® and Q-Cel®:

  • Improving isolation of paint
  • Decreasing density in paint, adhesives plastics and composites
  • Improving mould flow and  dimensional stability in plastics and composites
  • Improving flow

Sphericel® products are manufactured in the USA and intended for all applications. These products are offered with unique, very fine particle sizes.

The Q-Cel® range of products is manufactured in Germany and is designed for the use in solvent based or solvent free systems.

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