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Filter aids and fillers

EP Minerals is world’s seconds largest producer of Diatomaceaus earth (DE) and Perlite. These Phosphate free a.c. pigments materials are amongst others used as filter aids for wine, beer, juices, oils, swimming pools, edible oil, sweeteners, corn wet milling, pharmaceutical, and many other filtration applications

Celatom products are also widely used as functional filler in coatings, seed coatings, paper, foundry molds, tile adhesives and much more.

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Diatomaceaus earth for filtration (Celatom MN)

Celatom® diatomaceous earth (DE) grades are known for their natural, high quality and purity.

We offer Celatom® diatomaceous earth for the use in beer and liquid foodstuff filtration, such as wine and sugar syrups.

The advantages of Celatom® diatomaceous earth in filtration are that all Celatom grades are based on sweet water diatoms resulting in very pure products with low extractable iron content.

We also offer an acid washed diatomaceous earth grades for high end applications, including pharmaceuticals and baby nutrition.

DE is also highly suitable for reducing stickies in paper production.

NEW : Transcend® is a new line of DE filter aids with NO detectable crystalline silica. Please contact us for more information on this unique new product line.     

Diatomaceaus earth for fillers (Celatom)

There a several applications of Diatomaceaus earth for fillers.

Coating applications

DE is used extensively in coatings for obtaining a very cost efficient matting effect in wallpaints. It is also used in solvent based and waterborn primers to improve the adhesion of the topcoat. In waterborn coatings it regulates the water permeability of the coating to prevent blisters.  

Other applications

In the paper industry, DE is very useful in filtration paper and other areas. In tile adhesives, Celatom prevents the early skin formation. In foundry molds and cores DE is a very useful filler due to its high porosity.

The Celatom® Mineral Natural (MN) diatomaceous earth (DE) grades belong to our EP Naturals line of DE products, which are some of our most popular products. Known for their natural, high quality and purity, MN grades are used in agriculture, home & garden, automotive components, ceramic and fertilizer industries. They can be used as a performance additive, carrier or filler in an unlimited number of applications. 

Perlite (Celatom Perlite)

Celatom® Perlite is a hydrated, naturally-occurring volcanic rock. Its unique structure consists of numerous concentric layers, similar to the layers in an onion. Its natural color ranges from light pearl gray to dark gray. The distinguishing feature which sets perlite apart from other volcanic siliceous rocks is that when heated above 1600°F, it expands up to 20 times its original size. The expansion is due to the presence of water (nearly 5%) trapped in the crude ore.

Perlite is used as filteraid in many chemicals filtration processes. It’s available in a full range of grades with specific permeabilities which produce varying degrees of clarification. The products are functionally similar to diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aids; however, they typically have bulk densities about half that of DE.

Perlite is used to filter juices, waste water, beverages and industrial chemicals. They are produced from inert silicate minerals and meet the purity requirements of many applications, except those requiring the highest degree of clarification (such as polishing).

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