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Epoxy resins and hardeners

Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd, established in 1972, is the largest epoxy resins and hardeners producer worldwide, with manufacturing sites in South-Korea and China. This ISO-certified company also produces thermosetting resins, inorganic chemicals, polyols and polyureas. The company has storage facilities in Europe. Faber&VanderEnde GmbH represents Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd in Switzerland.

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Epoxy resins

At Faber&VanderEnde GmbH we can supply you with the following epoxy resins:

  • Bisphenol-A type epoxy resins
  • Bisphenol-F type epoxy resins
  • Brominated epoxy resins
  • Hydrogenated BPA type epoxy resins
  • Non-Halogen flame retardant epoxy resins

Novolak epoxy resins

Our phenol novolac epoxies have excellent physical properties to be used in addition to the basic reactivity of general epoxy resins. Because multi-functional groups are fully cross-linked in one molecule, advantages of the product are:
- good adhesion strength
- excellent heat and chemical resistance

The available types are:

  • The o-Cresol Novolac type
  • Phenol Novolac type
  • Low viscosity phenol Novolac type
  • BPA-Novolac type
  • DCPD type
  • Xylok Type
  • Multi-functional Novolac type
  • Benzaldehyde Novolac type

Novolac epoxies can be used in:

- Heat resistant adhesives
- Composite for sports goods, yacht, pipes, automobile parts,
   defense industry and so forth
- Heat resistant coatings
- Structural and electrical laminates
- Civil engineering & construction
- Casting & molding
- Raw material fore epoxy acrylate PCB inks

Flexible epoxy resins

Our flexible epoxy resins have good flexibility and adhesion strength.

The types we offer:

  • Dimer acid modified epoxy resins
  • Urethane modified epoxy resins
  • Rubber modified epoxy resins

Special type epoxy resins

Our special type epoxy resins can be used for high solid and low VOC coatings systems. They offer good elasticity, anti-corrosive properties and good compatibility with hydrocarbon resins.

The special type epoxy resins are available in:

  • High solid epoxy resins
  • High performance adhesion epoxy resins
  • BPA-PO epoxy resins
  • Modified weatherable epoxy resins

Epoxy hardeners

Besides epoxy resins we also offer low-viscosity polyamidoamine resins designed for reaction with liquid or solid epoxy resins.

These epoxy hardeners can be used as:
- Sealant
- Electrical potting
- Casting
- Coating
- Flooring application

Series which are available are:

  • Polyamides (G-series)
  • Amidoamines (G-A series)
  • Aliphatic amines (KH-5 series)
  • Cycloaliphatic amines (KH-8 series)
  • Aromatic amines (TH-series)
  • Phealkamines (KMH-series)
  • Waterborne curing agents (KH-7 series)
  • Accelerator & catalysts (KHO-3001)

The G-series polyamides provide good compatibility and dry faster under severe coniditions than standard polyamides. The have ambient cure, low toxicity, good flexibility and toughness, high viscosity, long pot-life and good water resistance.

Our amidoamines have a low viscosity. They exhibit very good adhesion, particularly to concrete. Modified amidoamines can offer faster cure speed, lower viscosity and good chemical resistance.

We offer a wide range of products with different properties for our aliphatic amines. All products offer a high reactivity and fast cure at room or low temperature. They have a relatively moisture sensitivity and good chemical resistance, particularly to solvents. For heat-cure applications the products have very good chemical resistance and electrical and mechanical properties.

The cycloaliphatic amines are known for their good film properties such as excellent gloss and resistance to amine blush and water-spotting. For heat-cure applications they offer good elevated-temperature performances and very good chemical resistance.

The aromatic amines can be used for heat-cure applications. They have a low viscosity, lower exothermic and higher heat resistance and very good chemical resistance and electrical properties.

A good cure at low temperature condition is offered by our phealkamines. They are anti-corrosive and have a good chemical resistance. High-solid and solvent free systems are available for marine coating.

The KH-7 series, our waterborne curing agents, are Zero-VOC and may not affect environmental conditions.

Our accelerator and catalysts include tertiary amines and imidazoles substituted urea (e.g., thiourea.). Tertiary amines and imidazoles are excellent accelerators for other curing agents such as dicyandiamide and anhydrides.

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