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PVB Harze und Dispersionen

Shark Solutions produces in Belgium both PVB powder and dispersions from recycled PVB resins. We offer SharkBinder, SharkCoat, SharkPowder and SharkResins from Shark Solutions.


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PVB resins (Sharkbinder)

We offer PVB powder and dispersions from recycled PVB resins. Unique materials that enable you to formulate greener products with a considerable lower CO2 footprint!

The PVB is recycled from foil in layered glass. In a unique process, the PVB is purified and further processed.

PVB resins are excellent for improving adhesion in solvent based products.

PVB dispersions (SharkCoat, SharkPowder, SharkResins)

The Shark dispersions are solvent free and used in strippable coatings, carpet backing and many more.

These products are also available as ready to use stripcoatings.

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