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Ausgefällte Beschichtete Kalzium Karbonat

Takehara ist ein japanisches Unternehmen, das sich seit 65 Jahren auf die Herstellung von präzipitierten, umhüllten Calciumcarbonaten höchster Qualität spezialisiert hat. Produktionsstandorte, beide ISO-zertifiziert, befinden sich in Japan und Malaysia.


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Precipitated coated calcium carbonates (Neolight)

Neolight is activated colloidal calcium carbonate (precipitated coated calcium carbonate, pcc), which is made from high-grade limestone and the surface is treated. It has various particle sizes.

The product is used as functional filler in rubber, plastics, sealant, paint, printing ink industries and more.

Properties of Neolight are:

  • Very fine particle (average particle size:0.04-0.2um) , and uniform particle size
  • Uniform particle shape
  • Good dispersion due to surface treatment
  • High purity

Highlights from our extensive productrange:

  • Neolight SP: application in MS polymer- and silicon-based sealants
  • Neolight SP-60: application in PVC plastisols, high yield point type

Product functions are:

  • Whiteness
  • Rheology control

Neolight SP has viscosity control in various kinds of sealant. It’s also a thixotrope in PVC Plastisol and offers a smooth finish and high gloss in PVC compound.

We hold stock on Neolight in the Netherlands. Delivery is throughout Europe.

All our products offer unique benefits over European products.


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