Blind Comparison: recycled PVB based paint formulations versus High Quality commercial paints

At Faber&VanderEnde BV we have been offering Shark’s binder SharkDisperions for a while now.


Due to growing focus on sustainability and the need for available raw materials with stable pricing, Shark’s sustainable PVB dispersions gets high attention.


In order to compare paint formulations based on the PVB SharkDispersions™, Shark has conducted a blind comparison of several binder systems in Paint Formulations.


Shark Solutions engaged ChemQuest Technology Institute (CQTI), a third-party independent test lab, to perform a blind study in order to evaluate interior architectural wall paint formulations with binder systems composed of, or containing recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB).


The results show that paint formulations with SharkDisperions™, both as a sole binder and as blended binder, are competitive with off-the-shelf commercial paints formulated for both European and American markets.


The full report can be found below.


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Blind comparison Shark Solutions (-bestand, 0 kB)

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