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Anti-corrosive pigments

Tayca Corporation, founded in 1919, has been working for many years in the research and development of specialized phosphate materials. Their K-White® range of products are based on the unique properties and chemistry of Aluminium Triphosphate and this technology has been pioneered by Tayca Corporation throughout the world.

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Aluminium Triphosphate (K-White®)

K-White® products are environmental friendly, anti-corrosive pigments. These are suitable for solvent- and water based coatings.

The K-White®80 and K-White100 pigments are based on aluminium triphosphate and modified by silica, zinc and/or alkaline earth metal. The modification is specifically designed to meet the particular application and resin systems used.

K-White®90 products are based on aluminium metaphosphate modified by silica and zinc. As these grades are free from water of crystallization, they are more suited for moisture curable systems.

Using the knowledge gained from the technology developed over the years with the conventional K-White® grades, a new anticorrosive material, based on silica and magnesium compounds, has been introduced. The silicate ion released from K-White® TC forms a protective film over the metal substrate (ferrous or non-ferrous) imparting excellent inhibition to the corrosion process.

The K-White®140W is very successful as anti-staining coatings.

Function of the K-White® grades are:

  • Optimization of pH control in the pigment (neutralization of solid acid)
  • Control of dissolution of soluble component and its ion content
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