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Activated carbon

Donau Carbon is worldwide one of the leading companies producing high quality activated carbon. They have a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades in their portfolio, manufactured from raw materials like coal, coconut shell lignite and wood. The portfolio also includes impregnated activated carbons.

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Activated Carbon (Carbopal®, Desorex®, Hydraffin®)

Faber&VanderEnde BV offers the Donau Carbon product range in the Benelux.

In the food industry activated carbon is used for decolourization, removing dissolved organic compounds and controlling odor and taste. With our Carbopal®-products the activated carbon is stirred directly into the solution to be treated, or mixed and dispensed as a 15% suspension.

Desorex® is an activated carbon range for air & gas purification and this includes solvent recovery. The extruded activated carbon types combine excellent hardness with low pressure drop.

Hydraffin® is a wide range of powdered and granular activated carbon for water treatment. The product is widely used for the purification of aquatic solution:

  • drinking water purification
  • groundwater treatment
  • service water treatment like condensate and swimming pool water
  • municipal and industrial waste water treatment.

Typical applications include the removal of dissolved organic impurities from water and control of offensive odour and taste as well as the removal of colour from all kinds of liquids.

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