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About us

We are an agent/distribution firm specialized in selling high quality raw materials to specific industries in the whole of Europe. We offer our principals a highly specialized sales force with an excellent product- and market knowledge. This results in an expansion of outlets in a particular market that one is insufficient to edit herself. 

We’re currently working in the following sectors:

  • Paint, printing ink, sealant and adhesive manufacturers
  • Plastics and composites industry
  • Building industry
  • Catalysts and molecular sieve producers

We are also distributors for activated carbon and filter aids with application in the following area's:

  • Chemical industry (air and waste water purification)
  • Food industry (semi-finished products)
  • Potable water production
  • Manufacturers of air filters

We’re able to quickly empathize in the issues of new categories of customers (concrete, ceramic and paper industry) and we know how to turn this newly acquired knowledge into sales results.

Our clients are offered an attractive package of partly innovative raw materials which are implanted through sound technical information and advice and which can be delivered from stock very smoothly.

Key facts about Faber&VanderEnde BV

  • Focus on limited number of products
  • European network of sub-agents.
  • Stock in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK
  • Lean and mean
  • Turn-over growth >20% p.a.
  • Solid financial position
  • Excellent logistical service
  • Supplier for many multinational companies throughout Europe
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified by DEKRA Certification

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History Faber&VanderEnde BV

Our company was founded in January 2000. By then, both founders had been succesful in distribution of minerals and chemicals for over 15 years. Their goal was and still is to set new standards in customer service and innovation.

Our company started representations for Benelux only, but since 2003 all EU-member states are covered with the most important product lines. Therefore, we have several subagents for the diverse regions. We train and control our subagents ourselves, and with good results. In the meantime, export to non-Benelux countries is a substantial and rapidly growing part of our turnover.

Being certified is an important standard in our business. Therefore, we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since March 1st, 2007. In 2018 an update for the ISO 9001:2008 took place and therefore Faber&VanderEnde BV has been recertified to ISO 9001:2015. Our ISO certificate is available in two languages and is free to download: 

ISO Certification Faber&VanderEnde BV (in English) or ISO Certificatie Faber&VanderEnde BV (in Dutch).

In 2006 we were appointed as fastest growing company in our province by the Dutch Financial Times an won the FD Gazelle Award by 'het Financieele Dagblad'. In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2013 we were also nominated for this award.

Nowadays, we‘re a Pan-European organization providing products, services and new application ideas to many multinationals and small caps in all European countries.  

Our products include:

Social responsibility

As part of our social responsibility we are sponsoring charity organization “Edukans”.

Edukans is a professional educational development organization which is headquartered in the Netherlands. The organizationworks to improve the quality and availability of education in nine focus countries. Their goal is to ensure that quality education is available for underprivileged children in developing countries. Currently, 58 million children in the world are deprived of the chance to attend school. And millions of children receive substandard education or drop out of school before having completed their education.

Edukans collaborates with partners in their focus countries and in the Netherlands. Making connections on all levels and between all their partners is central to their work. They believe in the power of sharing and exchanging information, ideas, networks and experiences. The results are clear: all parties benefit, becoming stronger and more effective.


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