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Resins and dispersions

Helios Resins is our Slovenia based producer for the resin types mentioned below.



Our range of resins for coatings and composites:

  • Domalkyd: alkyd resins (emphasis on special and modified alkyd coatings for decorative and industrial coatings for wood and metal)
  • Domacryl: acrylic resins in solution
    - Hydroxy acrylic resins in solution for 2K PU car refinishing coatings and coatings for wood, metal and plastic
    - Thermoplastic acrylic resins in solution for road marking paints, aerosols, metal and wall coatings
    - Acrylic resins for 2K cold plastics (roads)
  • Domapol: saturated polyester resins for the oven can and coil coatings and 2K PU coatings for wood, metal and plastic
  • Domemul: water dispersions for coatings for wood, metal and plastic
  • Domalkyd: water soluble alkyd resins and alkyd emulsions

Resins for composites:

Colpoly: unsaturated polyester resins
Colgel: gel coats and pastes

Resins for PU soft foams:

Domopolsaturated polyesters - polyols

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